Sustainable commuting for happier employees

Increase employee satisfaction. Hire and retain talents from further afield.

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A screenshot from the KINTO Join carpooling app showing 'People on my route' screen. An image of happy coworkers carpooling to work. It is used with a screen from our carpool platform to explain its purpose.
A mobile screen showing the list of sustainable journeys an employee completed using KINTO Join carpool platform.

Improve your employees’ commuting experience

Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the correlation between the commuting experience, hiring success and employee retention. With this in mind,  organisations are seeking to develop new, innovative ways to:

  • Extend their reach further afield
  • Provide an incentive for employees to remain within their organisation
  • Engage employees in sustainability initiatives
  • Adapt to mobility preferences of the next generation workforce

Whatever your employee commuting goals are, KINTO Join can help by providing solutions to best suit your individual company culture.

Sustainable commuting with KINTO Join

Sustainable commuting with KINTO Join


Record both active and shared employee journeys


Verify commuting journeys have been completed


Reward and motivate employees involved

A mobile screen showing a walking & cycling path combined with the ‘Earn rewards for green travel’ screen from the KINTO Join

Incentivise employees for responsible commuting behaviour

Shared and active travel modes are proven to improve commuters’ well-being and productivity, decrease transportation costs, reduce absenteeism and tardiness, and positively impact the environment.

"Incentives can increase alternative travel modes within large organisations from 2% to 20% in just six months"

Source: NCC Case Study

With our unique verification technology, we make it easy for employers to reward both active and shared journeys. Incentives such as designated parking spaces and travel allowances could improve your recruitment success considerably.

Satisfy new mobility preferences

The younger generation of professionals drive less and instead seek innovative transport alternatives, where possible. This is largely due to the negative environmental impact that traditional single-person occupancy commuting has on our planet.

For employers to attract and retain this new generation, it is vital they adapt their approach to commuting by offering unique and sustainable modes of transport.

KINTO Join makes it easy for employees to monitor their positive environmental impact through the app.

A mobile screen showing sustainable transport options available in KINTO Join– carpooling, walking and cycling scheme. The ‘cycling to work’ option is selected
‘Your corporate carpooling community’ screen from KINTO Join, combined with an image of coworkers entering an office building.
Create your commuting community - KINTO Join sign up screen

Get started – it’s easy:

  1. Get in touch with our sales team to discuss your requirements and how our platform can help
  2. Receive an online demonstration of our verification technology and see how the platform works in practice
  3. We can create a secure community for your workplace and help you to promote the benefits to employees
  4. Use our unique reporting dashboard to track, measure, highlight and demonstrate your savings – number of cars off the road, active journeys, CO2 savings and much more…